Amanda Hammond  You'lll always be a Webster at heart! It's beautiful that you talk to your kids about their Pappaw. I do the same with Ashton, he knows there is a Heaven and about how when people die they go to be with Jesus. He let balloons go up to God :-) When we talk about our loved ones that have passed, we keep them alive in a sense. Good job Gina!  3.4.09, 11:02am

Jessie  How sweet. Baylor wants to go to the cemetary to see where his grandma is, this post helped me see how benefecial that can be for kids.  2.27.09, 6:15pm

Shupass  Wow. This post made me very emotional!! I miss him too Ang!  2.27.09, 9:47am

Kristi Comstock  These pictures are just so precious! What sweet kids you have!  2.26.09, 10:45pm

angie  I miss him so much it hurts.....  2.26.09, 7:20pm