Nana  Thank you Gina for these perfect photos of my newest granddaughter! She truly is so "special" and changing daily!  8.29.11, 5:19pm

Susan Eakins  Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!! one word....ADORABLE! Congrats  7.28.11, 5:05pm

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jen martin  love little olive - those are fantastic pics, momma!  7.22.11, 11:53pm

Wade Locklear  Gina, I am interested in some family photos as well as a head shot for my website. Will things still be green in September? Take care of your new baby!  6.6.11, 9:35am

Katie Doane  Your photos capture the beauty that they may not know exists within themselves.  5.18.11, 10:49pm

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Tracy Leininger  Thanks Gina for such a wonderful experience and beautiful photos.  10.13.09, 9:10pm

Jennifer Sutton  Keep up the good work! You're images are amazing! So fun to look at (and give me lots of good ideas-lol). I love their candid nature. Beautiful stuff.... Jennifer  10.13.09, 6:25pm

Kelly  The new site is wonderful! The pictures are breathtaking, as usual, and the music is perfect! I know it took a lot of time, but it displays your talent and passion beautifully!  8.24.09, 2:41pm

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GINA  ha! missi ... it's definitely not us singing! you would not want to hear that :) it's elizabeth mitchell.  8.6.09, 1:52pm

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