Amanda Hammond  You are truly an artist and your eye has captured great moments in time. Thanks for sharing your passion and talent with the world. We love you, see you soon, Amanda Joe And Ashton  8.20.08, 2:34pm

Carri Flannery  You are amazing. I love love love looking through your pictures and admire your talent. I, of course, am admiring my little tiny winy Ali Jade shining on your blogs pictures!! Thanks for posting her.  8.5.08, 6:55pm

Lisa Bostic  Really like the new blog and what all it does. The photos are beautiful!  8.2.08, 11:19am

Christie DeCraene  Great Blog and awesome to see Harper picking up the camera. Maybe there will be some pictures of you soon!  7.31.08, 7:25am

Rya Meo  Your new blog is great Gina! Love to look at your newest pictures.  7.30.08, 6:36pm

Sam Bostic  I love your new blog. I've spent forever clicking on different things to see all the pictures :)  7.30.08, 5:14pm

Amie LoPresti  Hi Gina! Nicely done as always and keep 'em coming.  7.30.08, 11:00am

Roianne  Love the new blog! It looks fantastic!  7.30.08, 10:25am

Keri  Gina, I am can't wait to see all of the great stuff on the new blog. I hope you have a super busy September, but I hope you have space for us!  7.30.08, 10:00am

Kylie Turner  YAY! That's exciting! Your hard work finally paid off! Your website inspires me! As you know, I just got a camera for my bday and I thoroughly enjoy just shooting my girls doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I think I've found a new hobby too!!! It's amazing the things you capture with a good camera! Thanks for the inspiration! ; D  7.30.08, 8:49am

Kara  Okay, since I am not afraid of making fun of myself I have to share this "duh" moment...I spent 10 minutes working my way through your new blog looking for the "baby" you have been patiently waiting for for several months...then it dawned on me that the "baby" is your new blog?! ;-)  7.29.08, 11:23pm

Gina  Gina, I love your new website. Keep the post coming I love hearing what is new and what kid of specials you have for the month or coming up.  7.29.08, 9:46pm