Beth Gauck  Gina, LOVE the new site!  8.10.09, 1:20pm  hi gina, zonda sent me a link to your site. it looks fabulous! great job! just wanted to stop in and say hi from another indiana photog! ~jayne  8.8.09, 3:31pm

Meg Butcher  I didn't even see this here when I first commented - there are two from the Major shoot - what great photos!!!  8.7.09, 10:29am

angie  my sister is so talented!!!!! and she has a darn good editor:) looks great sis!!  8.6.09, 11:21pm

alisha  gorgeous!!!!!!  8.6.09, 9:15pm

Brittany  The new site is FABULOUS!!! I love the fact that your posts and site are convenient, creative, personal, energetic, uplifting, and fun all at the same time! You can tell that there is a lot of hard work and love put into your work; that is what makes you special!!! :-D  8.6.09, 6:35pm

Jade Keane  Love your blog, Gina! It looks great! Keep up the good work. :)  8.6.09, 3:44pm

Zonda  Gina, I LOVE your blog and new site! At first I too thought that the music was being sung by you and your kiddos! Then I saw where you said it was Elizabeth Mitchell...I'm hooked now! Love the busy little ladybugs too! I always enjoy seeing your work and look forward to more!!  8.6.09, 3:33pm