roianne  Love these silhouettes! Love the color in the first one and the perfect outline of Harper's face. Very nice job!  10.5.09, 1:43pm

Beth Miller  I love seeing the pixs of Jaeda & Harper. They have grown so much since I saw them at Ken & Deb's in May!  8.6.09, 10:24pm

Amanda Miller  cute blog layout. very colorful. :)  8.6.09, 7:05pm

Valerie B  I don't know, I'm kinda partial to the arm-pit farter!!! : )  8.6.09, 5:35pm

Jessie M.  Your new site and blog look great, Gina! Especially the part with the curly redhead... ;)  8.6.09, 12:58pm

Debi P  STUNNING!  7.29.09, 11:57pm

Anne  Love it...tks for sharing  7.28.09, 11:56am

Rya  Gina, These pictures are unbelievable! So beautiful.  7.26.09, 1:25am

Tammy  Gina, I love these sunset pics. So beautiful!  7.24.09, 8:02am