Great Aunt Kathy  #1 has got to be..........I'm a big sucker for her!  5.1.09, 5:45pm

karen  i think # 10 should be picked .she shows the side of a child that is full of zest and life.  5.1.09, 1:02am

angie  ummmm.....I'm pretty sure that you should have a picture of your sister on here!!! I know I'm your fave:)  4.30.09, 5:22pm

cgillman  This was a tough choice. They are all amazing for different reasons. I think #2 is your favorite.  4.30.09, 9:55am

Mary  #1, how adorable.  4.30.09, 8:54am

Amy  I voted for Julie, but I think you would like 13 because I think you like this pose.  4.29.09, 11:54pm

Judy Clark  I vote for #1 being your favorite. I watched you photograph her and you did great! All of them are so cute so it would be hard to choose.  4.29.09, 8:26pm

Becky McDaniel  The Triplets are so adorable!!  4.29.09, 3:44pm

Julie  Of course my little man with his "fauxhawk" in #8 is my absolute favorite, but all the kids are adorable. What fun! You're an amazing artist, Gina!  4.29.09, 1:27pm

Vickie Short  The triplets are surely you favorite!!! They are darling and perfect!  4.29.09, 12:57pm

Nikkie Knecht  I bet your favorite is #2. I know the triplets and it fits him to a T to be flippin' the bird while both girls are upset.  4.29.09, 12:53pm

Michelle Neuman  Photo #13 is just perfect...can't get any more perfect than that one. If you knew the family like I do, you'd understand why. And, it's your fave too, Gina!  4.29.09, 12:37pm

B Haunert  I voted for #13! The color of the sky is fantastic! You can FEEL the bond between the kids in the photo. PERFECT!  4.29.09, 11:05am

Rhonda  No. 1 is the cutiest!!  4.29.09, 10:32am

Katelyn Green  I think photo 13 would be your favorite, the color of the sky and grass is so neat, it definately has it's Gina look about it (:  4.29.09, 9:38am

vickie White  I LOVE this little guy's MOHAWK!!! And you know Dad is about to get a big bucket of drool on his face! LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and ALL these photos are amazing. You have mad talent!  4.29.09, 8:32am

Mary Kay  #1, she is such a beautiful little girl.  4.29.09, 8:23am

Leah Miramonti  I love #8, but I think your favorite is #1.  4.29.09, 8:23am

Sally Collyer  i have voted for4 and 12. What beautiful pictures.  4.29.09, 7:51am

Arika  I'm thinking number 13 is your favorite :) That one is my favorite (and number 2.. i love that pic)  4.28.09, 10:06pm

Carri Flannery  I am going against all and voting for number 13 (even though I hope it to be photo 4)...the color is amazing and I LOVE the detail of the grass. I also know this family and this is just an AMAZING picture!  4.28.09, 9:57pm

Kelli Adams  I'm guessing lucky number 13 is your overall favorite. But who doesn't love a good "baby flipping you off" photo?? :)  4.28.09, 9:18pm

Heather Dile  Your favorite has to be Number 1!!! I love the pouty look! She is so darn adorable!! They are all great pictures however!!  4.28.09, 9:15pm

Crystal Stickford  I think #2 is your favorite, because it is hilarious, but I love #1 - how sweet! This little girl looks like she belongs on a calendar!!  4.28.09, 8:36pm

grandmaw Rogers  I like them all but ,the one that captures my heart is my granddaughter Addyson #10  4.28.09, 7:47pm

Rx  GO PHOTO 12!  4.28.09, 5:11pm

Kristi Comstock  I'm hoping it's No. 1 because that's my little pumpkin, but all are just soo cute!! You do such a great job!  4.28.09, 4:29pm

Kara  We'd love a free canvas (vote #11!), but we bet your fav out of this bunch is #2...I have several ideas for hilarious greeting cards with that pic on front :-)  4.28.09, 4:26pm

Amanda Rogers  I am guessing that photo number 2 is your favorite, but I am partial to photo number 10!! My cute little Addyson!  4.28.09, 11:20am

Carly Piles  Is photo #2 your favorite? It's flippin' hilarious!  4.28.09, 8:28am

Melinda  I think your favorite is number 3!  4.27.09, 9:16pm

Anne Tressler  I think photo 12 is your favorite, or at least I am hoping! Ha!  4.27.09, 3:17pm

Shannon Waggoner  I think your favorite is the last one.  4.27.09, 3:07pm

Danielle Clark-McDonald  I bet your fave photo is the first one, the one with the little girl and the lollipop. It's a great picture!  4.27.09, 9:58am